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Mar. 28th, 2011

mark ryden

Alien Skin

Yesterday I travelled up to Finchley Central and there met awesome MUA Ezme Thomas. We walked to photographer Darren Ruane's studio where he was already shooting model 2face Gemini. She and I had already shot together during the circus shoot last month so it was great seeing her again. She was painted gold and wearing an amazing, very tall headdress. Ezme and me started on my make-up straight away and I met the lovely stylist for the shoot Frankie Murray, who had brought along plenty of interesting jewellery and hair accessories to play with ^.^ Randomly, the first thing I noticed about her was her unusually long canine teeth which gave her a flattering vampiric look :)
The first layer of make-up was a bold shade of turquoise which inevitably attracted 'Avatar' comments from Frankie and Darren. Talking to Ezme about it she told me she had chosen turquoise precisely because of the challenge entailed in steering clear of Avatar. I was thankful for that since I definitely didn't want to do an Avatar shoot!

As more layers of make-up went on in other colours such as purple, blue, gold and shimmery pink the look acquired more depth and a character of its own. Looking in the mirror I hardly recognized myself; my face, neck, chest, arms and hands were painted. It was time to shoot and the first accessories we picked out were a gold and black bow necklace and a wreath of black and red flowers for the head. I looked like an alien Maid Marian :) Later I also shot in a Puritan-like collar and huge black bobble rope necklace, among other things. We worked very well together as a team and I left the shoot with a sense of accomplishment. As I left the third and last model arrived, she would be painted pink.

I will post images as soon as I get them :)

Mar. 25th, 2011

joe gascoigne

Muder Mile

Re-reading 'Lord of the Rings' and eating Magic Stars, that's what I have mostly been doing recently. As well as shoots of course.
I have a few to write about, and a lot of images to post! So let's start :)

Actually, first I wanted to let all of you know about my Facebook page. Take a look please and join if you like it!

Now on to the shoots!

In early February I shot with Philip Payne at Murder Mile. The studio was quite small but packed with interesting props and settings. I modelled in four different outfits including a nurse dress and a makeshift strait jacket. My MUA and hair stylist for the day was the lovely Kerry Colvin, I absolutely loved the make-up she did on me, especially for the nurse images.

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Mar. 22nd, 2011

joe gascoigne

New Website!

So I decided to make myself a new website, with the same address as before since it appears on my business cards ;)
I am quite happy with it, although I think I did prefer my old site, it had more of a Lolita feel. Here is my new one!

Just a quick update, I will post a proper entry soon with details of my recent shoots and images :)

Jan. 30th, 2011

joe gascoigne


So it's been almost a year since I last posted here. Many things were going on in my life and I stopped modelling for a while, actually my last shoot was in May last year. However, I have now returned and have some new shoots scheduled for February. One is with photographer Joe Gascoigne, for which we are going to use some coloured lights, and another is with Philip Payne, who I've already shot with once before. This time we will be shooting in an alternative themed studio in Hackney. I will also be shooting with Rebecca Jane Andrews, who I have also worked with before. The theme is 'Things Out of Place'. I am really looking forward to shooting again after so long!

On other news, my modelling website at Moonfruit is permanently down. They deleted it from their system! Apparently because I hadn't renewed my subscription =( Maybe at some point I will make a new one, we shall have to see.

I am also planning on entering Bizarre magazine's Ultra Vixens 2011 competition, after I receive some images from the shoots in February. I could win a shoot with Bizarre and feature in the front cover of an issue, if I even get to the final. Wish me luck! ^.^

Some images from last year:
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Apr. 2nd, 2010

joe gascoigne

Latex Doll

Images from the 2nd of March shoot for AM Statik Latex and Ooh La Latex are in! ^.^

Photographer: Julian M Kilsby

MUA: Laura Jane Wilson

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Mar. 12th, 2010

three graces

Birmingham, Latex and a Mini Hat

So I haven't been shooting much recently, what with the stress of possibly not graduating if I don't get three essays and my entire dissertation done by early May >.< Latest shoot which was meant to be zentai-themed (and I was quite looking forward to) fell through, but finally, last week I had a greatly anticipated shoot with Julian M Kilsby and MUA Laura Jane Wilson.

It was in a studio a couple of miles from Birmingham in Perry Barr so I booked tickets with National Express coaches. Turned out the only available time to travel was to leave London at 1am, arrive in Birmingham at 3.40 and then wait three hours in the station for the next coach. The shoot wouldn't commence until 10! I had no problem with this, at first...

Once the time came I realised that it is practically impossible to sleep in a coach, and ended up forgetting my suitcase in the compartment and having to wait for it to arrive on a later coach than the second one I was scheduled to board. This meant I had to wait a little longer in the freezing cold station and missed my bus. Ignoring a 'do not enter' sign I lay down on some comfy sofas but still found it completely impossible to sleep with the bright lights of the station shining mercilessly from above. A security guard duly arrived to tell me to hop off back to the tiny, extraordinarily rigid seats customers were supposed to sit in but after a few sentences switched to chat-up mode. Now, you must know I am incapable of mustering any interest in a conversation initiated with the question 'So... where are you from?'. I was practically running back to the proper seating area when the guard decided to tell me I could stay on the sofas and simply walked away. Perfect! ^.^

After I got my suitcase (about half an hour after finally being shooed off the sofas by an older, grumpier security guard) I realized I now had to trek around Birmingham city centre at 7am in the morning in order to try and find a bus that would take me to Perry Barr. I was happy for this chance despite the bitter cold (it's actually colder and windier than in London up there! O.O) for I had never been in Birmingham before and therefore all this was an Adventure for me. Nothing too epic, I explored a beautiful Gothic church (but was sorely disappointed to find my camera was out of battery >.<) and bought some fabrics at an early morning market, but it was definitely better than waiting around in Perry Barr for 10 to strike.

When the shoot did finally start I was already feeling a tad sleep deprived - not exactly tired, more like a little TOO wide awake yet spaced and twitchy - and by the time it ended I was ready to collapse, but it was great fun! ^.^ It was my first time shooting latex, and contrary to what I had been told I found the garments perfectly comfortable and wearable. They did get a bit sweaty but not half as much as I had been told to expect! I shot in a blue corset, hotpants and black stockings by Oh La Latex, a black corset and skirt by the same designer and a beautiful lilac dress by AM Statik Latex. There was a also a pretty pin-up style red and white latex underbust corset which we coupled with the black skirt and some red tape over my breasts. Links to be posted with images soon!

The MUA had to leave by 3pm but Julian and I managed a couple more hours shooting. We got quite a lot of good images which I am verily aching to see! Towards the end of the shoot I had a fainting spell (seems to randomly happen a lot to me!) This time I believe it was because I hadn't eaten much since the day before, but a drink of water, some air from the fan and four packs of McCoys crisps right after the shoot fixed me up again. Yes, I know, not exactly healthy eating but very tasty! =P

This time I had a kind of half-sleep on the coach and by the time I got home was feeling perfectly fresh again and very happy about the shoot. I absolutely loved the smell and feel of the latex, it is definitely something I would love to get more into. Have been looking up how to make my own latex clothes but for the time being I will stick to making tiny hats! Here is one I made for the latest Antichrist night with the fabrics I bought in Birmingham. Alice in Wonderland-themed of course...

First pic by Ben Hopper
Second pic by me - do excuse the horrid quality -_-'

Oh and yes, Birmingham accents did make me smile :)

Dec. 12th, 2009

joe gascoigne

Fashion Shoot Images

Here are some images from last month's group shoot, my first attempt at fashion!

View the rest on my website ^.^

Photography: Nain Dziyauddin
MUA: Angels Faces
Hair and Styling: Xanadu Nox

Photography: Ian Mears
MUA: Maria T Eweka
Hair and Styling: Xanadu Nox

Dec. 3rd, 2009

joe gascoigne

Writer's Block: Sense and sensibility

If you could keep only one of your five senses--taste, touch, smell, sight, or hearing--which would you choose and why?

I definitely have to go for sight, obvious as it may sound. Without it I would never be able to read or write again, or appreciate the beauty of a landscape or person or art... I would certainly miss being able to listen to music and taste food but I think sight leaves more possibilities for enjoyment open than any of the other senses.
joe gascoigne

More Melanie Nicol Images!

The lovely Meli melanienicol just sent me some more images from our October shoot so I thought I'd post them on here for you all to see ^.^

Photography: melanienicol
Make-Up and Styling: Xanadu Nox
Headdress: melanienicol

Nov. 26th, 2009

joe gascoigne

Busy Shooting Weekend! - Sunday

Here is the second part of my hectic weekend... ^.^

On the Sunday was the group shoot organised by Angel of Darkness. All 6 models and 4 make-up artists met at 9am at Waterloo station, and since we models had to do our own styling and hair that meant I had to wake up at 7. When I left the house it wasn't very cold, and the sky was a beautiful clear blue so I was optimistic about the shoot.

Once I got to Waterloo I met my first MUA for the day, Maria T-Eweka. She was very pleasant and talented and I loved the make-up she did on me! By the time we were finished it was 11am and the 8 photographers had already arrived. The weather had taken a bad turn and it was bitingly cold and windy as well as raining. There was nothing else for it but to shoot somewhere sheltered, so it was decided we would warm up under some tunnels covered in graffitti. Don't take me wrong, I am not a diva at all, but the theme was meant to be high/elegant fashion and I was dressed accordingly (or trying to!), with a ruffly silver dress, matching tiny handbag and ultra-sleek, tidy hairstyle, so I was not very impressed with the prospect of shooting against graffittied walls... However it turned out not so bad and I had the opportunity to shoot with some lovely photographers, Ian Mears, Jim Nemer and Vipul =) There were some louts in the tunnels who kept disturbing our shooting, and I heard them shout out all manner of insults, including 'slut' in Polish. Luckily they gave up pretty quickly and left us alone!

~ Here's me grinning goofily with Al Veryard in the background ~

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