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joe gascoigne

Muder Mile

Re-reading 'Lord of the Rings' and eating Magic Stars, that's what I have mostly been doing recently. As well as shoots of course.
I have a few to write about, and a lot of images to post! So let's start :)

Actually, first I wanted to let all of you know about my Facebook page. Take a look please and join if you like it!

Now on to the shoots!

In early February I shot with Philip Payne at Murder Mile. The studio was quite small but packed with interesting props and settings. I modelled in four different outfits including a nurse dress and a makeshift strait jacket. My MUA and hair stylist for the day was the lovely Kerry Colvin, I absolutely loved the make-up she did on me, especially for the nurse images.

The medical room became a padded cell when all the furniture was removed, so that was our next set. Philip wrapped black and pink tape around me to form a strait jacket, and even though it did not look much like one my hands and arms were duly restrained!

Another of the rooms housed a boudoir, with a lovely low light and red colour theme. Kerry gave me a fishtail plait for these images, I asked her how to do it but have forgotten again! Will hopefully learn one day -_-'

The red corset actually belonged to another of the photographers shooting on the day. It was lovely and complemented the red velvet of the boudoir perfectly. The little hat was Philip's, I loved it so much! Need to dig out my glue gun and get into making hats again :)

For the next sets of images I got into my PVC garb and we shot in the next room, which contained a chaise longue and bondage bed amongst other things.

The levitation shot was done with me lying on a bench on top of the bondage bed, then Philip cast some Photoshop magic, I am really happy with the end result :)

All in all it was a very enjoyable shoot, and I would definitely recommend Murder Mile studios (as well as the entire team I worked with, but that goes without saying!)

That's all for tonight, next time I will be posting about my 'Things Out of Place' shoot ^.^


Love the combination of the title of the post, the current music, and the theme of the shoot :)
Truely wonderful photos.

I don't know how to critically review photos otherwise this would be a longer comment :-)
That's ok, it is nice to know you like the images! Hope you have been well :)
Wow..amazing photographs. You have a variety of style going on which is fun. Love the hair color!
Thank you! :) Unfortunately the colour doesn't last too long, it is already fading :(
Hope you are well!